What to look for in a Double Jogging Stroller

Double Jogging Stroller

Your baby or babies have finally arrived! What an exciting time. You’re busy with feedings and changing diapers and taking care of your little ones, but you are beginning to feel like you need to get your body back into shape and do something for you. You want to get back to jogging but you need a stroller so you can take your little ones with you.

Where to start? What should you look for when choosing the best double jogging stroller?

Here are some guidelines that can help you when looking for a double jogging stroller.

Your first step is to always make sure any double jogging stroller is certified by the JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association). This insures that the stroller has been put through rigorous testing to make sure it is safe for your children. In fact any stroller you choose to buy including umbrella strollers should have this certification.

• The second thing you should look for in a jogging stroller is stability. Stability means that the stroller will move along smoothly as you jog. Much of the stability is based on the wheels. All jogging strollers come with three large wheels, about 16 to 16.5 inches. Many of the newer versions come with a front wheel that is locked into place, keeping it straight and making it easier to jog long distances. The good thing is that they also can unlock so they can swivel making it easier to use for everyday use. This makes a double jogging stroller a great investment.

• The other thing to look for with the wheels of the double jogging strolleris there are two different kinds, the hard wheels or the air filled tires. The air filled tires much like the tires on a bike are great for all different weather including snow. Just remember that with these kinds of tires they need to be checked regularly, and have a small tire pump handy just in case they need air. The solid tires that do not have an inner tube in them work great in most weather and may only need to be changed if the tires tread starts to wear off.

• Next on the list is the handle bar. Is it adjustable? Many double jogging strollers come equipped with adjustable handle bars, making it much easier for people of different heights to use the stroller. This makes it so much easier for jogging if the height fits you correctly and will help you enjoy your run so much better. Also make sure the space between the handle bar and the stroller itself gives you plenty of room to run. There is nothing more miserable then banging your knees on the back of the stroller, so test that there is ample room for you.

• One of the wonderfully new additions to double jogging strollers are the hand brakes. This makes it so much easier to slow down the stroller and keep control of it when running down hills. Instead of you acting as the brake to slow down the stroller and throw off your running pace the hand brake does this for you. It is one of the handiest additions to any stroller including umbrella strollers.

• The next thing on our list should be how easy does the double jogging stroller fold up and how small does it fold up to. Do you have enough room in the trunk of your car for it to fit in? Can it be folded with one hand or do you need both hands to fold it up and fold it out? Smaller strollers like the umbrella strollers can be folded up and folded out with one hand. Most double jogging strollers will take two hands to fold out and fold up. Just check to see how easy it is, you do not want a stroller that takes a rocket scientist to assemble. Nothing can be more frustrating than having a fussy child and trying to fold out the stroller for them. So make sure you know the step by step on how to fold up your stroll and how to fold out your stroller.

• Under the seat storage or basket is another thing you will want to look for. After all you need all the supplies for your babies like diapers, wipes, bottles or juices as well as your supplies like water, towels and extra clothing for your children and yourself. Some strollers have very minimal baskets under the seats while others have a full sized basket. Most double jogging strollers do come with a full size basket but you want to make sure you check out the basket size so it will fit your needs.

• One of the best safety features, by far, to look for on your stroller is the safety wrist strap or tether. This is a piece of heavy duty material that is strapped on to the stroller on one end and on the other end has a wrist strap for you. This way if the stroller gets away from you, or god forbid you should fall the stroller cannot get away from you. This is one of the best safety features to have been added to double jogging strollers.

Some other things to that you should look at for the comfort and safety of your babies:

o Do the seats recline?

o Does the stroller have the 5-point harness?

o Does the stroller have a canopy?

Having the seats recline is a great option for the comfort of your children. It can mean the difference between a fussy baby ora sleeping baby who can rest while you jog.

Double Jogging Stroller

The 5-point harness is of course the best safety feature any double jogging stroller can have as it keeps the baby safe and secure while you are jogging.

The canopy is another great safety feature as it protects your children come rain or shine. The best ones will protect from the sun, the wind or the rain and snow. Many of them come with peek-a-boo windows so you can keep a close eye on the children while running.

If you follow these guidelines when choosing the best double jogging stroller for yourself and your children then your jogging experience should not only be fulfilling but safe for both you and your little ones. After all exercising is important to you but so are your babies and the right double jogging stroller,for your family can make it safe and enjoyable for all of you.

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