Top 5 Trendy Travel Cribs for Baby

baby cribs

For all you on the go parents a Travel Crib is a necessity. Lightweight and with plenty of features available travel cribs can make life so much easier. Whether it is a trip to Grandma and Grandpa’s, or an overnight stay, a trip to the beach, or visiting friends or even just for outside at the park these cribs are such a delight to have. Of course safety and comfort are the two most important things with travel cribs but so is how easy they are to fold up and unfold.

Here are the top 5 “trendy” travel cribs for you and your baby.

1) Baby Bjorn’s Travel Crib:

Weighing in at just 11 pounds this sleek easy to fold travel crib is awesome. The mattress is so comfortable but super sturdy and helps keep the travel crib firmly on the floor. The material on the mattress is gentle on baby’s skin and is safe to suck on or chew on. It comes with a carrying case and is suitable for children 0-3 years old or until they manage to climb out of the crib.

2) 4mom Breeze:

This revolutionary travel crib is so easy to set up and fold down, just one step and you’re done. How easy is that? The Breeze comes with a stylish travel bag, a leakproof portable changing pad, and comes equipped with a bassinet for little ones. The mattress is not only sturdy but soft for the added comfort of your baby.

3) Phil & Ted’s Traveller:

This top of the line travel crib is only 7 pounds so it is easy to carry and easy to set up. It has mesh sides so you can see your baby at all times, allows for air circulation and one of the Traveller’s unique features is that the side unzips so it makes the perfect play area for baby. The Traveller is also globally safety certified making this an extremely safe and comfortable travel crib, which means you can have peace of mind when your baby is inside the Traveler.

4) Journey Bee:

The Journey Bee travel crib weighs less than 12 pounds and has a pop open design. With large mesh panels so you can keep an eye on your baby, it also has pockets on the side of the crib for all of baby’s necessities. It comes with a cushy mattress pad and inner fleece sheet. The Journey bee is washable and made to last through multiple babies. It comes in beautiful and fun colors to suit any ones style.

5) In Genuity Playard:

baby cribs

This is the elite of all Travel cribs and playards, it comes with a changing table and bassinet. All of it is machine washable you just zip the fabric off in less than five minutes. It folds up easily and the changing table can be turned so it is out of your way. The InGenuity has wheels on so you can roll it anywhere and it has these fantastic side storage pockets so you can keep all of your baby’s needs right at hand. The mattress is made of soft fabrics and it has breathable mesh. The coolest feature is a soothing sound station that plays 3 nature sounds and 5 melodies.

Trendy, Stylish, Fashionable and practical to use these 5 travel cribs are considered the best of the best. With all kinds of special features you are sure to find the best one for you and your baby. Whether you are traveling long distance or short, visiting friends or family, spending the day at the beach or the park you could not find better comfort and convenience than these travel cribs.

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