Top 10 Double Jogger Strollers for Twins

double with toddler

Congratulations you had twins! Life certainly has become busy for you and your family. Somewhere within all the hustle and bustle though you would like to get back into jogging and the good news is you don’t have to hire a babysitter to do that. There are literally hundreds of double jogging strollers on the market that you can choose from, so your little ones can go along for a run. The question is which one is going to fit your needs and babies needs and how to make that choice?

Here is some help for you when you go looking for a double jogging stroller.

1) Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double Stroller:

This stroller was designed to fit the needs of active parents. You can go anywhere you want to with this easy to maneuver double jogging stroller. The Summit X3 has all-wheel suspension, which means it offers a comfortable ride for your little ones. It folds up easily with a simple lift of the straps so any one can do it. It has a hand brake that offers easy control when having to stop the stroller, as well as a remote lock on the handlebar so you can switch the front wheel from its swivel position to a locked position depending on what you are using the stroller for.

The seats for the babies recline so that they can lay flat for nap time or sit straight up so the babies can see everything, and offer nothing but comfort. The Summit X3 also has a great canopy system that allows for UV-50 protection as well as vents to keep the little ones cool on hot days and two peek-a-boo windows so you can keep an eye on your children. As you can see with all these great features, the Summit X3 hits the top of our list.

2) Baby Trend Expedition Double Stroller:

This is an excellent double jogging stroller with multiple features to make your life easier while jogging with your babies. It is constructed to be sturdy yet lightweight and is quick and easy to fold and unfold. The front wheel is the pneumatic bicycle type tires that are very light and they can swivel or be locked into place which is always an awesome choice, this way you can use your stroller not only for jogging but for everyday use. The seat is comfortable and has a multi-position seat recline. It also comes with the 5-point safety harness for your babies to be safe and secure. Other great features include the ratcheting shade canopy to keep babies safe from the weather and a large storage basket that can hold all or your children’s necessities as well as your own. The Expedition Double jogging stroller also comes with a parent try that includes 2 cup holders and a covered storage compartment for your convenience. With all of these great features the Baby Trend Expedition comes out as one of the strollers near the top of our list.

double with toddler

3) Tike Tech All Terrain X3 Sport Twin Stroller:

When it says all terrain this double jogging stroller is the perfect choice. It has independent frame damping that gets rid of unwanted vibrations at the wheel and this makes for an extra smooth ride for your little ones. The frame is made out of rugged aluminum and is oval shaped for sturdiness as well as for the style of the stroller, making this double jogging stroller one fine looking ride. The front end has a 16 inch wheel that allows for complete control of the stroller over any terrain, and the back wheels are also 16 inches for a better quality ride.

The Tike Tech comes with a rear parking brake and for extra safety it has the tether wrist strap so you have the ability to stop the stroller even if it gets away from you. The seats of this double jogging stroller are fully padded, stain resistant and are compatible for car seats. The seats recline for your babies comfort and have the 5-point harness for safety. The canopies of the X3 Sport are pretty amazing as they are independent of each other and multi-positional, they also include moon roof covers so you can see you twins and they can see you. This stroller folds up easily in one quick step for easy storage and it comes with 2 interior mesh pockets on the back of the seats as well as a storage basket under the seats. You can understand why the Tike Trek made our list with all these great features.

4) BOB Stroller Strides Dualie Fitness Jogging Stroller

This double jogging stroller is the perfect fit for twins; it comes with the swivel front wheel that locks in place so it can be used as a jogging stroller as well as an everyday stroller. It has an adjustable suspension system that makes for a safe smooth ride for your babies, as well as pneumatic tires and tubes that can take on any terrain. This double jogging stroller comes with a parking brake to make sure the stroller cannot move when engaged. The Stroller Stride also has for your comfort a padded handlebar and the special jogging wrist strap so that if the stroller gets away from you or you fall you still have control of the stroller.

The seats in this twin stroller are built for top of the line comfort with extra padding, and they adjust separately of each other so each baby has its own independent comfort zone. It comes with the 5-piont safety harness and the canopies adjust separately also. It even comes with extra-large windows so you can keep a close eye on your little ones. This stroller folds up in 2 steps for ease of storage and transport and it comes with seatback pockets, pockets inside the seats for snacks or toys and undercarriage storage for all of your and babies necessities.

5) InStep Safari Swivel Wheel Double Jogger:

It’s a jungle out there and the InStep Safari double jogger is one of the best ways to cover all the terrain you will encounter on your jogging expeditions. It has a 12 inch front tire that swivels and locks so this stroller can be used for jogging and everyday trips. The back tires are 16 inches which create a smooth and comfortable ride for your babies. This double jogging stroller is high quality and folds easily with a dual trigger folding mechanism for easy transportation and storage. The seats are padded and adjustable and come with the 5-point harness for babies’ safety.

The InStep can hold up to 100 pounds so this stroller can be used for a long time as the twins grow into toddlers. It comes with all kinds of extras like the under the seat basket, padded handle bars, a two cup holder for mom and dad and pivoting trays for the little ones as well. The canopies can be separately adjusted and have cool peek-a-boo windows so you can keep an eye on your children. As you can see this double jogging stroller is the perfect fit for your expeditions into the world of jogging.

6) BOB Ironman Jogging Stroller Dullie:

Just like the real Ironman this double jogging stroller is tough and sturdy, able to go over all terrain with itspneumatic knobby tires that are high impact polymer. The wheels are 16 inches and it has an adjustable suspension system that is state-of-the-art and provides the smoothest ride for your twins. The seats are padded and can be adjusted independently of each other for the perfect comfort and for safety it has the 5-point harness for each baby. The canopies are also independently adjusted and protect your babies from the elements; they have large viewing windows so you can always keep an eye on your little ones.

The Ironman has padded handlebars for your comfort, it also has special hand brakes and comes with the wrist strap that is important to all those who jog with their children. Its high quality lightweight frame makes it easy to fold as well as to transport and store. This double jogging stroller for twins comes with a low boy cargo basket for plenty of under the seat storage, as well as large seatback pockets and it even has pockets in each seat so your little ones can have their own place for snacks or toys. This jogging stroller dullie can be the perfect match for you and your babies as you venture back into the world of jogging.

7) Kool-Stop Kool Stride Lil Deuce Double Jogging Stroller:

As the name implies this is one Cool double jogging stroller. The frame is made of extruded oval aluminum tubing which is strong yet lightweight, the front wheel is 16 inches and the back wheels are 20 inches making this one safe and dependable stroller for you and your twins. It not only comes with a front wheel brake but also a parking brake for an added safety feature. The Kool-Stride has zippered reclining seats, the 5-point harness and a canopy with UV protective clear top window so you your children are protected from the elements and you can keep an eye on them while jogging.

One of the cool features about this double jogging stroller is the adjustable handlebars; this makes it more comfortable for whoever is using the stroller. It easily folds up and down for simple storage and transportation and has a weight capacity of 100 pounds which means you will be able to use this stroller for a long time as your little ones grow into toddlers. It comes with a storage basket that is quite generous in size so that you can carry all of yours and your babies necessities. This is why the Kool-Stop Kool Stride made our top 10 list.

8) BOB Revolution SE Duallie:

A revolution has arrived with the BOB SE Duallie. This special double jogging stroller has the great feature of the swivel front wheel that can also be locked for a straight shot while jogging. That makes this a very versatile stroller for any mom or dad on the go. The Duallie can handle any rough terrain with its adjustable suspension system that is state-of-the-art and gives your twins and super smooth ride. The front wheel is 12 inches and the back wheels are 16 inches and are pneumatic tires with tubes and are made of high-impact polymer composite. Special features on this twin double jogging stroller include a parking brake, the ever important jogging wrist strap for safety and padded handlebars.

The seats are ultra-padded and recline in various positions for the comfort of your little ones and it has the 5-point harness for your children’s safety. The canopy also is adjustable and has nice large windows so you can view your babies while jogging. As with all of BOB’s strollers this one comes with the seatback pockets that are extremely large as well as internal seat pockets and there is lots of undercarriage storage for all those things you need to carry for your little ones. With all these great features you can see why this twin stroller made our list.

9) Schwinn Turismo Swivel:

This twin double jogging stroller is built by the same company that has been building bicycles for years. It has bicycle wheels with aluminum rims, the front wheel being 12 inches the back wheels being 16 inches and this provides excellence performance as well as style. The front wheel can swivel as well as locks into place so you can use the stroller for everyday use or for jogging. The body is made of aluminum which is lightweight but extremely sturdy and it has adjustable handle bars to fit anyone using the stroller. It comes with all kind of special features like the flip open child tray and the dual cup holders, reflectors on the front, as well as mounted speakers in the canopy that almost any MP3 player can work with. The canopies are separately adjustable and the seats come with fleece padding making this a top of line stroller as far as comfort. With this double jogging stroller who could ask for anything more.

10) BOB Sport Utility Dualie:

Number 10 on our list is the Sport Utility Dualie by BOB. This double jogging stroller is one of the best on the market. Built to handle any rugged terrain it is built out of aluminum and high strength chromoly. Its tires are pneumatic and are 16 inches in size and the tread is knobby for high endurance. It has a super smooth ride due to the adjustable suspension system making it more comfortable for your little ones. The seats have extra padding and can be adjusted independently of each other and for safety it comes with the 5-point harness. The canopies are also adjustable separately of each other and protect your twins from all kinds of weather and come complete with viewing windows so you can watch them as you jog. Special features on this double jogging stroller include handlebars that are padded, the ever essential wrist strap and foot brakes as well as hand brakes. It folds up in two easy steps and it has a cargo basket that provides plenty of room for your babies necessities.

These top 10 double jogger strollers for twins have all kinds of special features that make owning them a real joy. Not only will you love the quality and ease of use of these strollers but your babies can ride along in complete and total comfort. This makes getting back into jogging so much easier and can make everyday trips simple and less stressful.


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You are sure to find the perfect match for you and your little ones. Happy Jogging!

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