Best Double Stroller Attachments and Accessories

For mothers of two little ones or twins, a double stroller is a necessary and convenient item. This keeps kids safe and contained and makes getting around far easier, especially if you have a brand new baby that needs a lot of attention as well as a crazy toddler who will run off if you stop watching them for an instant.

It is not just purchasing the best double stroller which can be tricky (read this guide), but also buying the right attachments and accessories.

Attachments and Accessories

There are a number of accessories and attachments which can be used with many double strollers:


  1. An infant car seat can be attached to most quality double strollers. This not only makes your infant more safe in the car, but makes it quick and easy for you to transfer your baby between the stroller, car and home. The car seat generally must be bought from the same manufacturer as the stroller. One other thing before you buy the car seat is that you should check out whether it will fit in your car.
  2. Many strollers also allow you to attach a parent console. These are the small pockets and storage spaces which attach to the handlebars. These are very helpful in keeping your items safe while out and about. The coffee lovers will love these as they usually contain a cup holder pocket that can carry a small bottle of coffee.
  3. When the seasons change, stroller company, Baby Jogger, offers a weather shield which can be attached to make it easy to carry kids in winds, rain and snowfall.
  4. Sun covers are also a great accessory for those of us that live in sunny climates. Although sun shades that come with strollers can do a good job in keeping your child covered, a complete sun shade can ensure they are completely protected from the sun’s rays.

There are more options that this, but these are a good start to get you thinking about which optional accessories you may require.

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