What to look for in a Double Jogging Stroller

Your baby or babies have finally arrived! What an exciting time. You’re busy with feedings and changing diapers and taking care of your little ones, but you are beginning to feel like you need to get your body back into shape and do something for you. You want to get back to jogging but you need a stroller so you can take your little ones with you.

Where to start? What should you look for when choosing the best double jogging stroller?

Here are some guidelines that can help you when looking for a double jogging stroller.

How to Get Through Babies First Week

The first week of parenting is probably the toughest experience you will ever face. This is not because of how hard it is to care for your baby. If this is your first child, it may be a transition, but it is not inherently difficult and comes naturally – it is the most natural thing in the world. You have a beautiful baby that only requires love and food. What makes the first week tough is the pressure we place on ourselves.

We are anxious creatures and when you realize this perfect child is entirely in your care, it can be the thing that pushes parents over the edge.…

The 3 Keys to Parenting

1. United Front

Being a united front means that parents communicate with each other and make parenting decisions together. It is natural for parents to have different parenting styles from each other which may cause disagreements over how to parent. When there is no consensus, parenting becomes ineffective. Each parent ends up doing what they think is right and they end up undermining each other’s efforts.…

Good Parenting Tips to Consider

Every parent wishes there was a handbook of some kind to help them do everything perfectly when raising their children, but that isn’t the case. Instead, you have advice from many different directions so that you can prepare to do your best and live into the rest of the experience. With love and some good parenting tips, you are sure to do just fine.…

There is no Testing the Waters

Motherhood is the one job that you can’t “just test the waters first” to get a feel of things. It has no opt out. Once you are in you are in for life. For some, it is a life-long dream. For others, it is dread. And for some, like me, it is an oops-I-slipped kind of thing. Whichever way we get in, there is no “exit here” sign.

Parenthood. It changes you. It gives you a perspective of the world that you did not know was a vantage point in existence. I have not been a parent for long, but I am used to working with children and have talked to many parents. …

I Survived the First Week: Confessions of a First-time Mom

Some thoughts from a friend who recently had her first baby…

So my baby finally fell asleep after an hour of full-blown, red-faced, tonsil-exposed screaming. Hubby is still away on a business trip and I find myself wide awake at 3:45 in the wee hours of the morning staring at this feisty little bugger we call our daughter. I figure I might as well make myself productive and jot down some thoughts I may one day share with my offspring if only to prove to her she didn’t miss out on her fair share of making a living zombie out of her mother.…

Best Double Stroller Attachments and Accessories

For mothers of two little ones or twins, a double stroller is a necessary and convenient item. This keeps kids safe and contained and makes getting around far easier, especially if you have a brand new baby that needs a lot of attention as well as a crazy toddler who will run off if you stop watching them for an instant.

It is not just purchasing the best double stroller which can be tricky (read this guide), but also buying the right attachments and accessories.

Attachments and Accessories

There are a number of accessories and attachments which can be used with many double strollers:


  1. An infant car seat can be attached to most quality double strollers.

When In Doubt, Just Latch

Perhaps one of the most difficult things a first-time mother experiences is facing her doubts and insecurities about her body’s ability to provide milk for her little one. I remember feeling helpless and in a state of panic the moment they gave me my hungry little one. As he greedily nursed at my breast that first day, I found myself wondering, “is he getting anything?” The longer he nursed or every moment he stopped to fuss and cry, panic overtook me and doubt began to take over logic and all the things I learned at pre-natal classes.…

How a Breast Pump Can Work for You

For many working first time parents, choosing to continue exclusive breastfeeding beyond maternity leave can be a real concern. There are also parents, especially first time mothers, who would want to leave their babies at home for short periods of time but worry about going out because they are breastfeeding and are afraid baby would go hungry while they are away. Then of course there are moms who just want to get a good night’s sleep and let dad have a hand at the night time feedings.

Whatever the case may be, it is possible to go out once in a while, get dad to help out or even go back to work full time and still continue to exclusively breastfeed your little one.…

My Favourite Things about Motherhood

People who knew me before being a mom, especially friends without kids, often ask me if I am enjoying being a mom. What do I get from being a mom, now my daughter has come along? To the first question I’d unhesitatingly answer yes! Yes, I love being a mom. Sure, it’s hard work, and I’m not one of those natural mothers that seems to love every late night feed or nappy change, but I can honestly say I wouldn’t want to go back to how things were before.

But then, when it came to answering the second question I’d get stuck. …